About Us

Our Mission

HWASUNG VALVE CO.,LTD (HSV) was established in 1986 as specialized manufacturer to produce all kinds of ball valves used for various pipelines and Instrumentation valves for process plants.

We have been producing and developing a hundred kinds of Pipeline & Instrumentation system valves with the ceaseless technical development and drastic investment.

Extraordinary Experiences

Especially, API 6D ball valve design-idea as the main product of HSV wins especially good reputation from local and overseas petrochemical markets.

Up to now, HSV have manufactured pipeline & instrumentation system valves in many kinds of process category, including safety-level valve of nuclear power plant required a high degree of quality assurance and super precision valve of special specification.

Joining together for ball valve case, HSV have been applying many kinds of special materials in the categories of stainless steel by order.

This wins official recognition of our valve quality through numerous performance results.

Our Core Values

HSV’s passion for manufacturing valves of the utmost quality, together with our mission to continuously advancing valve technologies in order to meet customer requirements worldwide. HSV employees embrace thorough quality, with the standards of API 6D, ISO 9001/14001, CE & Others which is instilled within the organization, and are fully committed to providing “fault free” products continuously.

In conclusion, We, HSV guarantee that our honorable and potential customers all over the world should enjoy the most reliable service. We are forward thinking, embrace change and are continually improving our processes for customer satisfaction.

Sincerely yours, Do Soon, Kim / CEO